5 SEO Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Seo Mistakes

5 SEO Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Every website needs SEO techniques within their digital marketing strategy to ensure visitors are attracted to it. With so many potential marketing mistakes, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Digital marketing takes time; however, when done properly it can propel your website to success.

1. Not following basic SEO practices

Utilizing the basics of SEO digital marketing can do a lot for your website. These simple digital marketing practices get your website to a higher page in search engines and attract new people.

Things to always do:

  • Optimizing blog photos should occur each time you make a post.
  • Ideally, pages (including blog posts) should include 400-800 words. Anything less than 300 words is generally frowned upon by the Google Gods. Sometimes pages simply cannot contain any more information, but do your best to have this many words on a page. That isn’t to say that you should fill pages with nonsense words, however.
  • Measure your content marketing. If you continue to use SEO techniques and they aren’t working, yet you aren’t checking up on things – you’ll just keep wasting your time.
  • You need a blog. If you don’t have one, find a way to start one. It’s the most basic way to increase your SEO.
  • Use the right language in your blog and website. This includes SEO techniques, making it readable for your audience and including personality in posts.
  • Ensure that the URL of your page has been changed to include your keywords. Fill out your meta description and keyword sections in the backend each website page.

2.  Using Blacklisting Techniques

You can try to cheat the system and increase your page rank by doing various blacklisting techniques, but beware – Google will eventually figure it out and your website will then be ignored by the search engine. It’s always best to do things the right way. Quick results can be purchased, but the longevity of their success is usually minimal. Avoid keyword stuffing, buying links or joining the wrong link directories.

3. Using only images for headings

Images might look better for headings and menus, but they sometimes aren’t great for SEO techniques. Search engines like text, so include keywords in your headings when possible.

4. Writing boring content

We cannot stress this enough. Boring content is a digital marketing mistake that will lose you visitors. Writing a bunch of boring blogs might increase your page rank, but your bounce rate will be sky high, which won’t get you any conversions. You want people to read your content and enjoy it enough that they’ll explore other areas of your website. Also, don’t use duplicate content and simply switch out the keyword. This is another SEO technique that Google dislikes.

5. Performing SEO techniques once and never again

Digital marketing is an ongoing process, thus your SEO techniques should be maintained. Keep up with keyword trends, pay attention to your traffic and note what is and is not working, optimize new pages as they are created and check SEO throughout the site if you conduct updates to the website. SEO digital marketing is not a set it and forget it practice. To continuously see results, you have to continuously work at it.


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